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The Festive Store offers Christmas and seasonal retail décor solutions which helps customers create a stunning display in their spaces. Operating in Melbourne, The Festive Store has created gorgeous Christmas, Easter, and Spring Carnival themed installations that many locals would have admired over the years.
The Festive Store - Big Commerce Homepage

The brief

After closing down their retail store and pivoting to focus more on the corporate decor sector The Festive Store website needed to change with the business. At the time the site was focused on e-commerce and housed on Big Commerce. The brief for this project was to create a new website using Wordpress that focused more on educating visitors about the different services on offer.

Thank you Felicity for creating a beautiful website for the Festive store which has had many lives already in this short time. You have enabled us to keep up with our changing business in a quick and budget friendly way. Appreciate your help and expertise and we would be happy to recommend your business to anybody.


The build

As this site was a full build for an established business there was quite a lot of information and content to work with whilst simultaneously not having enough for some sections as the business was still pivoting direction. Along the way there was quite a bit of experimentation looking at different design options as well as determining the best methods to achieve desired outcomes. Susan had some very specific requests for some areas of functionality which took some trial and error to find the right plugins and customisations. At the end of the day I’m happy to say we launched a site which met the business requirements as well as the clients expectations.
Sample homepage header

The end result

Helping our clients create their dream event

In the 14mths or so since launch the website has already gone through a few transformations as the needs of the business changed. The most recent changes including changing the simple image galleries into custom project pages. This allows the showcasing of individual installations as well as the ability include a description of the project – a great boost for SEO.

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